16/07/2014 BBC Weather


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towards Saturday morning. Time to hand you over for the national


forecast now. The heat is set to build and the


humidity will be rising, and for the reason we need to look south. Over


the next few days, these southerly winds will draw up the heat and


humidity, a recipe for thunderstorms eventually. We are not there yet,


however. Some scattered showers in western Scotland. Further south, the


rain is petering out but we will keep the cloud. It will be more


cloudy at the start tomorrow, across the south, compared to today. But


that should clear, and for most of us, tomorrow is a fine summers day.


For many of the northern areas, quite a bit warmer than it was to


day. It should brighten up around the coast of Wales and the


south-west of England. Temperatures across the the Midlands, East Anglia


and the south-east of England set to get up towards 29, it could well be


the warmest day of the year so far. A fine start at Hoylake as well, and


A fine start at Hoylake as well and crucially, the winds will be light


for the first day at the Open. However, the wind will become more


of a feature, picking up thunderstorms spreading north during


the night, and then for Friday, getting up to Northern Ireland and


south-west Scotland. Friday is all about the temperatures. A bit cooler


around those coasts in the north-east. The heat and humidity


and the energy will be coming from France, and that will spark some


thunderstorms on Friday evening and thunderstorms on Friday evening, and


pushing northwards over the weekend. A lot of uncertainty about the exact


position of these downpours. Do not write off your weekend just yet,


write off your weekend just yet just be aware that the heat and


humidity could cause some violent storms,


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