17/07/2014 BBC Weather


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interludes and Sunday quietdr weather coming our way. But active


weather heading for the UK. It was a warm one today. We have a


few thunder storms across the UK tonight. Tomorrow we do it all again


but both the heat and the storms will have more intensity. Tomorrow


we break through 30 Celsius. Today we got to 29 Celsius in the London


area. The hottest day of the year. We got to the mid-30s in western


Franced the heat has sparked this area of cloud. Providing a bit of a


show across south-west England. Strong and Gothsy winds. Lots of


lightening flashes. The Wales and the Midlands could see intense rain.


You may be woken by a thunder storm but you may not be able to sleep


because of the heat and the humidity. A warm night and a misty


start tomorrow. The possibility of one or two showers in the south-east


one or two showers in the south east o England and the East Midlands.


one or two showers in the south east o England and the East Midlands One


o England and the East Midlands. One or two in North Wales and the


north-west of England. Perhaps it could affect the Open.


Showers into Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland but generally a


dry start to the day. Running through the day, that area with the


strong winds, some lightening flashes and heavy downus will track


through Northern Ireland the breeze coming from the North Sea will keep


the temperatures down. If it stays misty and murky in the south-west


temperatures will be lower. It is over central and eastern England


where we see the sunshine making the temperatures sooner. 33 Celsius is


possible. Tomorrow night, the lurid colours


suggesting the intense downpours. Spreading north, followed by further


clumps of downpours. Not raining all day. There will be warm and humid


sunshine. We could get 30 Celsius but be aware, we are expecting


intense thunder storms tomorrow night and Saturday. The humid air


around on Sunday with the potential for storms over the east. But it


will not rain all day. There from the top of our heads


to the edge of space. But in those few miles lies one of


the greatest wonders of the world. This summer, join BBC2 on


a thrilling journey into the clouds. And delve into the science and power


of the atmosphere with BBC4. I'm Gabrielle Walker,


and in this programme, I set out to discover


what exactly is air.


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