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is getting too much for many people. By Sunday, the temp will be cooler


than today. Tonight, another warm and comfortable night for sleeping.


Ireland will have the last of the hot days. 26 to grazing Glasgow for


the Commonwealth Games. Very different on the east coast in


Carnoustie, where we have the shooting. Medals in the morning but


it could be grey and misty. Around some of these coasts, from the Moray


Firth down to Edinburgh, we could stick with low cloud well into the


afternoon. A similar story down to the wash, but you don't have to come


far inland to get the warmth and sunshine. Temperature is widely into


the high 20s. The heat will trigger showers, most likely in the


south-east of England. Rain and thunderstorms slowly pushing west.


It should be largely drive for the south-west of England with a lovely,


warm day across Wales. Things will change over the weekend. Some


sunshine around, more clout than showers, and it will turn cooler


fresher from the north-west. Signs of change on Saturday with the


showery band of rain coming into Northern Ireland and spilling into


Scotland. Someone ahead of it, particularly across England and


Wales, but we could get sharp showers, especially later in the


day. The change comes from low pressure, the weather front pushing


south. It is the high pressure building behind that which changes


the wind direction. We are drawing down a north to north-westerly


breeze which is filtering down cooler and fresher air, bringing


with it showers as well. Possibly longer spells of rain across


northern parts of Scotland. Certainly, temperatures will be much


lower. 18 degrees in Glasgow and Belfast. The last of the warmth,


lower. 18 degrees in Glasgow and Belfast. The last of the warmth the


Belfast. The last of the warmth, the mid-20s, still hanging on across


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