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What about the outlook? A cooling trepd ` showers ``


What about the outlook? A cooling trepd - showers -- trend. Showers


breaking out on Monday. We have seen temperatures


approaching 30 Celsius. The heat will ebb away this weekend. Cooler


and fresher conditions from the north-west. There'll be sunshine,


there'll be more showers as well. Today was the turn of south-east


England to get the ferocious storms. Lots of thunder and lightning. A lot


of rain in a short space of time has led to some flooding.


A little bit of rain overnight, maybe brushing Kent and Essex for a


while. Otherwise fine and dry. Mist and low cloud to eastern England. It


will be another warm and muggy night. That mist and low cloud will


burn off tomorrow. Temperatures will lift as the sunshine comes through,


except in Northern Ireland, where we have got these bands of showers


pushing in. It will turn wetter in the afternoon in western Scotland.


Ahead of it, most parts of England and Wales will be dry with some


sunshine. A few showers. Probably dry across Wales, western England.


The sunshine hazy here. Higher temperatures to the south-east,


where we could get some storms to the east of London. It should be dry


for northern England. Maybe one or two late showers. The wetter


conditions will push across Northern Ireland. Bands of showers here. It


will turn wetter through the afternoon in Scotland. Some heavy


bursts of rain. All change across the north-west. We have the humid


air across England and Wales. Temperatures in London could be


close to 30 Celsius again. The changes are coming because of this


weather front here. That is bringing the wetter weather in Scotland and


Northern Ireland, pushing showers across eastern England and Wales. We


will get a north-westerly breeze which is dragging in that fresher


air. Better for running a marathon. That is what we have in the


Commonwealth Games on Sunday. There could be some rain around.


It could be wet for western Scotland. That rain will push into


Northern Ireland, with some strong winds for a while as well.


Elsewhere, some sunshine on Sunday, with some showers. Heavy in the


north. Not much rain in the south. Here, there is still some warmth to


be had. For Scotland and Northern Ireland, temperatures 10 Celsius


lower than we've had today. Some improvements across the north on


Monday. The wetter weather is pushing south.


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