28/07/2014 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Spare a thought for the forecasters who were trying to


pin down those storms which brought so many problems to south-east


England this morning. You can see the way this line developed, causing


havoc from Brighton to the western fringes of London. That line is


about about five to ten miles wide. Either side of it, really no problem


at all. It is really difficult science trying to get that


absolutely right. More straightforward through


tonight. Yes, there is some rain around.


One band ainto Northern Ireland -- one band into Northern Ireland.


Outbreaks across south-eastern counties. They will tend to be


mostly light and patchy. Nothing like we saw through the early part


of today. Head further west and we have this


area of clearer skies. Sunny to start the day across much of


south-west England, through the Midlands, Wales and the north-east


of England. For the north-west, particularly Cumbria, the cloud will


thicken up. That's the story across Scotland as


well. The rain starting to break up across Northern Ireland and


north-west Scotland, turning more into showers, with brighter spells,


hopefully between. That rain in the south-west will take a time to


clear. This area of clearer skies will push southwards and eastwards,


so the sun breaks through in southern areas. The cloud moves in


across the north Midlands and Wales during the afternoon. The cloud and


the breeze make for a cooler day for the athletes in Glasgow. 17 Celsius,


the high. A largely dry story. Just the odd light shower going through


on the breeze. 17-20 Celsius across the northern half. Warmer further


south. We could hit 27 Celsius in the London area. Ahead of this


weather front, once this pushes through, it introduces slightly


cooler fresher air. Low pressure developing to the north. More


isobars on the chart. A breezier day across the northern half of the UK


on Wednesday. Temperatures close to the seasonal averagech perhaps


slightly above -- average. Perhaps slightly above.


All the signs are that low pressure will start to take over as we go


into the second half of the week. High pressure and fine weather


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