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Good evening. For some of us turning soggy this weekend. For others


increasingly sunny. Don't make this the last forecast you see this


weekend T rain could cause some problems. Sunshine will follow the


rain from the south. Overnight a lot of rain from south-west England and


south-west Wales. One or two thunderstorms, close to the London


area, into East Anglia. Showers over Northern Ireland. A largely dry


start to the day here. Further south, there will be rain around.


Already signs of improvement across the far south-west at 10am. Patchy


outbreaks of rain elsewhere across southern counties. Sharp showers


through the day. Brighter spells between. Heavy and persistent rain


across west Wales, up through the Irish Sea, into southern Scotland.


The main focus of concern. Some question mark about how far west


that rain extends. Within the wettest areas we could see an inch


of rain or two. That could cause some problems. It turns increasingly


bleak across Scotland. Persistent rain and low temperatures as well.


Further south, an improving story. Yes, sharp showers and some winds as


well coming in from the west. They will be a feature. There'll be some


sunshine between. In the best of the sunny spells, temperatures will


recover back into the low or mid-20s into the south-east. Much chillier


under those rain clouds over the heart of Scotland through the


afternoon. That rain will continue into the night and into Sunday.


There might be some bright spells in the middle of Scotland. Heavy


showers and persistent rain into south-west Scotland, the far north


of England. Sunnier skies further south on Sunday. Lighter winds. It


will feel pleasant. For the closing ceremony, hopefully the rain will


ease off. That wind will feel chilly. If you are going, take some


lawyers. -- layers.


There'll be a few showers around, particularly out west. Plenty of


sunshine. With lighter winds, it will feel pleasant and warmer across


the heart of Scotland than it will be this weekend. Best of


temperatures further south and east. This is the story of how motoring


came to the masses. How dictatorships and democracies


alike pursued the dream Of red herrings


and automotive cul-de-sacs. Of shattered dreams


and the fall of the mighty. This is how we fell in love


with our wheels.


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