04/08/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Quite a fresh evening out there this evening. It's going to turn chilly


in a few spots by the early hours of Tuesday. Underneath the clear,


calm, tranquil conditions... Not completely clear because there are a


few showers. You may have been caught out in some across the South


today. After midnight, you can see the vast majority of the UK has dry


weather, whereas Cornwall, Devon, just about nudging into Wales,


possibly Northern Ireland and the south-west of Scotland, a few


showers. But clear skies is the story tonight. Colder in rural


spots. The Glens of Scotland, really nippy first thing on Tuesday. It


starts off sunny for many of us. starts off sunny for many of us


Tuesday is going to be a bit of an East-West split. In the afternoon,


across the south-west we will see a few showers, a bit of sunshine too,


not such a bad day. There might be the odd heavy burst of rain here and


there, but effectively it is OK, with temperatures in the low 20s.


The best of the weather will be across the south-east, London and


East Anglia. Link and cheer is doing pretty good. Hull, 22. --


Lincolnshire is doing pretty good. A pleasant day in Lowick, 16 Celsius.


Cloud increases across the low lands of Scotland. Wednesday is a very


different day. First thing in the morning, we will wake up to grey


skies and outbreaks of rain. A few hours of heavy rain across the


South. Quite a big band of rain giving us a soaking. And then it


clears away to the East. The south-west of the UK will dry out.


Scotland probably stays wet. On Thursday, by magic, the rain is out


of the way, heading to Scandinavia. Some nice weather, 24 in London,


of the way, heading to Scandinavia. Some nice weather, 24 in London 18


Some nice weather, 24 in London, 18 in Glasgow. Towards the end of the


week, low pressure from the Atlantic. Friday, Saturday, Sunday,


some trouble on I've never ever, ever done


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alike pursued the dream Of red herrings


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and the fall of the mighty. This is how we fell in love


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pops the money.


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