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pressure. If we look at you can see that there


are very few showers around. It may be dry Saturday


are very few showers around. It may be dry Saturday and Sunday, a chilly


wind, the national picture again with Louise now.


Many of us have been asking the question, where has summer gone?


Today, no exception. We started off with a cluster of showers across


Wales and the south-west. They gathered in intensity and pace as


they pushed furthered east, bringing localised flash flooding and hail


with the thunder storms as well. Thank you to Sarah for this


photograph. I can offer you something for promising into -- more


promising into tomorrow, it should feel quite pleasant. If you still


have showers around at the moment, most should fade to the coast


through the overnight period. Clear skies, mist and fog patches will


form. Overnight, generally 9-13. Tomorrow starts off quiet. Fairly


optimistic with sunny spells coming through with lighter winds and it's


pleasant enough. Into the anks it should stay largely fine and dry.


Still can't rule out a few sharp showers. I'll come on to those in a


moment, but for holiday-makers into the West Country and for the bulk of


Wales, temperatures into the high teens, light winds and it's pleasant


enough. Highs of 21 into the London area. Towards the borders, Essex and


Kent, we could get one or two sharp thundery downpours here. In Northern


Ireland and the bulk of Scotland, in comparison to recent days, it's


largely fine and bright. The winds return into the weekend. A


blustery wind developing. There'll be some rain around but some


brighter spells across England and Wales on Saturday. So there it is on


Saturday, the winds starting to be a feature into the far north and west,


gusty to gale force with sharp showers. That low pressure will


start to migrate that little bit further east, bringing the weather


front to the south overnight. A few showers first thing on Sunday


morning. More importantly, the winds continue to strengthen, gales even


inland into the far north and west on Saturday. Plenty of frequent


showers and a cooler feel to things. The cool air sits up to the


north-west for the start of the weekend. Into Monday an Tuesday, the


north-westerly winds plunge further south and the cooler air pushes


south as well. Unseasonably cool for this


The Challenge Cup Final - Castleford Tigers V Leeds Rhinos.


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