15/08/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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It will be breezy on Sunday. Let's look at the summary, as you can see


` it is largely - it is largely dry, but definitely


fresher. Good evening. This weekend's


forecast may be far from a summer classic, with a strengthening


breeze. At least it is not a washout. For many, there'll be


decent and dry spells to get out and enjoy. Most are dry. We have a few


heavy showers, drifting south-eastwards. A few showers into


the north-west of the UK. For the vast majority it is a dry night,


with lengthy clear spells. More cloud later. Temperatures 11-13


Celsius. In the suburbs and the countryside down to single digits. A


cool start to Saturday morning. Cloud from the north-west of


Scotland, with outbreaks of rain, will work southwards. Into the


afternoon it will be across southern Scotland and the far north of


England. You can expect more cloud over the rest of England and Wales.


All in all, a decent day. Few showers for many of you. In the


sunshine it should feel warm. 18-23 Celsius is possible. Some of the


best conditions on the south coast. Thicker cloud into north-west


England later on will bring rain, particularly across Cumbria. Damp


for some in southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Dry weather here


and further north across Scotland, we will brighten up and around the


north-east. We could still hit 18-19 Celsius. If you are out for the


night, heavy rain in north-west England and north Wales. This


weather front will work into Sunday. We start to lose the heavier rain.


By the time we start Sunday morning, a zone of cloud and patchy rain


across southern England. That will clear the south coast into the


afternoon. A fine afternoon for Sunday. From northern England, in


order wards, a few showers. Some heavy. Strong winds too. Look at the


temperatures, only in the mid-teens. The winds will strengthen for some.


All linked to this low which is bringing cool air from the north. As


we start next week, temperatures normally this time of year normally


in the high teens, you can expect them to be three to six Celsius


lower than that. It is still August, so once the sun is out it should


feel warm enough. If you have next week off and have


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