22/08/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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cloudier with outbreaks of rain on Bank Holiday Monday.


cloudier with outbreaks of rain on Bank Holiday Monday.


Good evening. The weekend is upon us. For many, it is an extended


weekend w a bank holiday on Monday. The weekend itself not looking too


bad weather wieds. A good deal of -- weather wise. A good deal of dry


weather around. Bank Holiday Monday could see the weather on the turn


for some of us. It will be worth keeping up-to-date with the


forecast. More on that in a moment. Through tonight, still some showers


to come in the east in the next few hours. Many will fizzle out towards


the end of the night. Heavier ones across Wales and into the north


Midlands. Generally though wide-spread clear skies. The wind


lighter. Rural areas seeing temperatures down into single


figures. A chilly feel to Saturday first thing. Through the day we will


keep the north-westerly breeze over northern Scotland and a few showers


here on and off. Elsewhere, we start with heavier showers to north Wales


and the north of the Midlands. Most will fade away. Our focus for


showers through Saturday afternoon will be across eastern areas. West


getting the best of the sunshine. Eastern Scotland, the north-east of


England, the Midlands and East Anglia, the risk of seeing showers.


The odd sharper one, maybe the odd rumble of thunder.


Still some heavier showers across eastern areas through the evening.


As we move into the small hours of Sunday, the shower will fade away.


Saturday night into Sunday could be pretty exceptional for August in


terms of how low the temperatures fall away. We could even see a touch


of frost to start Sunday. Plenty of sunshine as the day gets under way.


Sunday, I think we will see eastern areas getting the best of the


sunshine. Towards the west, more cloud building in the afternoon.


sunshine. Towards the west, more cloud building in the afternoon By


the evening some rain starting to move into Northern Ireland, Wales


and the south-west of England. This whole area of low pressure will try


and work its way across the British Isles on Monday. Scotland will stay


brightest and driest throughout Questions about these weather


fronts. Pinning down where the most intense rain will be and at what


point of the day is proving illusive at the moment. It is


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