26/08/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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dry with some sunny spells. Heavy showers around to start off at the


weekend but the early signs are next week will be


weekend but the early signs are next week will be more settled. Now


we get the UK forecast. Not all of us need the weather to


change. It has been lovely for the past couple of days. Lovely loose


guile in Carlisle. Tomorrow, dry and sunny weather will be widespread


across the UK. The last of two days worth of rain is clearing away from


Kent and East Sussex. Overnight it could damp in the far south-west


Kent and East Sussex. Overnight it with patchy and light rain.


Elsewhere it is dry, chilly again for this time a BA in the northern


part of the UK where some of us will be close to freezing by the morning.


Temperatures will recover in the sunshine and it will be a lovely day


for Northern Ireland, Scotland and the bulk of England and Wales from


the world go. -- word go. Still patchy, light rain in the


south-west. Big change in South East England with brighter skies. You may


notice a breeze picking up, especially in the South West. If you


start dry and bright you are likely to stay that way. Some outbreaks of


rain in the south-east of England. Warm across the Midlands and


south-east England. For the cricket at Cardiff, maybe a few spits and


spots later on but the proper rain will hold off until later. The rain


coming through overnight, Wednesday into Thursday. On Thursday some of


it will go north across Scotland, clearing northern Scotland late in


the afternoon. On Thursday, bright and breezy also another line of


showers move from West to East during the day. Windy on Friday and


more prolonged downpours, especially into western Scotland. That takes us


to the weekend. Kate Grey showers on Saturday, but you will be drawn to


this, another form of hurricane across the unite -- Atlantic. But


this looks like missing as to the North. Picking up the wind in


northern Scotland at the weekend and maybe a band of weekend


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