27/08/2014 BBC Weather


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It looks like low pressure will see us out for what is rest of August.


It looks as if next week, summer will fight back. Low pressure is


approaching the UK. Rainfall totals are not adding up to too much. There


is some low cloud and hill fog around. Clearer skies reaching the


South West later in the night. Temperatures for Northern England


and Scotland going nowhere near as far down as they have done recently.


A lot of this rain is coming through overnight, so behind it, many of us


will start the day tomorrow dry with some hazy sunshine. The last of that


rain beginning to edge away from Eastern Counties of England into the


North Sea. And, again, many of us starting dry, drier weather heading


into southern Scotland. For northern Scotland, after several days of


sunshine, this might come as a shock - the rain won't last all day, much


of it will have cleared by the morning. Away from this next area of


rain, slowly moving from next to east. This could turn quite heavy


for some of us. Either side of that, some sunny spells. A bit of warmth


in that sunshine, too. Strengthening winds for Northern Ireland and


western Scotland. Here, we will see some heavy downpours. By Friday,


some heavy downpours. By Friday circulating around that area of low


pressure, bands of heavy rain, northern and western areas in


particular. That takes us to the weekend. Low pressure, here it is,


still close by. By Sunday, this area of high pressure is going to nudge


in. We will take it day-by-day. On Saturday, low pressure is still


close by. The showers won't make for a washout of the day. Spot the


difference on Sunday - the wind arrows have gone, so lighter winds,


more of us will be dry. Now, the remnants of the hurricane is coming


across from the Atlantic. It is after that next week that high


pressure will build-up and summer is fighting back. That coincides with


some children going back


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