11/09/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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freshening breeze and fine and dry. The national picture is with John


Hammond. This was the scene in south Dakota


earlier, the earliest snow for well over 100 years.


We have had a plunge of cold weather from the Arctic, coming down to the


plains of the US. Brought about about I a kink diving to the south.


Let's follow the jetstream across the Atlantic. It takes on another


kink. It is splitting into two. Stranded between is the island in


the stream here, a vortex. Around that there are clouds spiralling


around like a Katherine wheel but going nowhere fast. It is stuck


there. It will take a week or so before arriving on our doorstep In


the meantime, the low pressure is kept at bay. We looked at the high


pressure and the air from the east for our weather over the next few


days. At the moment nearly all of us are dry and will stay that way for


the next couple of days. There are areas of cloud around. One such area


is moving north-westwards across England and Wales. To the north of


that are clear skies but fog developing in north-east England,


Scotland and Northern Ireland. Temperatures in the towns and the


cities in double figures but under the clear skies across the glens of


Northern Ireland and Scotland, another chilly one. Milder in the


south with the cloud cover. Through tomorrow morning, starting misty and


murky. Some places starting off sunny. So a mixture. Things to even


themselves out during the day. Most of us looking forward to fine sunny


weather at times but areas of cloud floating around. The main thing is


that nearly all of us will be dry. Feeling dry and pleasant.


Temperatures getting up to the high teens and the low 20s. The winds not


too strong. Just a light easterly across the southern counties. If you


have outdoor plans you will not be disappointed, it is set fair almost


nationwide tomorrow. The same through the weekend. Dry weather.


Some sunshine around. The odd shower. A greater chance of showers


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