16/09/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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you now with Darren Bett and the national weather.


you now with Darren Bett and the national weather.


This cloud looks worse than it is. Glitching the extreme south-west


overnight. Ahead of it we've got an easterly air flow. That low cloud


that never cleared the North Sea coasts is pushing through the gaps,


running on to high ground. We'll have clearer skies further west but


the low cloud is more extensive, leading to mist and fog over hills


and coasts in the east, where we could have drizzle. Another warm ni


ahe Tomorrow starts slowly for many of us, grey and misty. We could she


sunshine in sheltered western areas. Eastern areas could hang on to the


cloud and it could be disappointing into the afternoon and evening.


Across the south-east and the whole of southern England it is going to


be a warm afternoon. Sunshine hazy at times but temperatures into the


low to mid 20s. Quite muggy. A lovely day in Wales. A improving


nicely in the West Midlands. We should do well in the north-west of


England. Northern Ireland after a dull, misty start should see the


sunshine widely in the afternoon. It will feel warm. Warmest across the


western side of Scotland, eastern Scotland, the breeze off the North


Sea piling in that low cloud. Cool. Rain not far from coastal areas


Cool and cloudy for north-east England. England. It all comes back


in overnight and clears towards the north-east on Thursday. Sunshine and


warmth developing widely, but we've got more showers, heavy and thundery


downpours possible in the South West and possiblier southern counties.


25-26 is likely. 15-16 in the north-east. It could stay dull in


Edinburgh on Friday. The low cloud lifting and break up across many


northern areas. A different story further south on Friday. More cloud.


It won't be as warm. Still muggy, but more showers. Some heavy and


thundery. The risk ex-intends the Midlands and


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