17/09/2014 BBC Weather


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Hello there. West was best today with the cloud break up more


readily. Readily. Tomorrow is almost a e. West was best today with the


cloud break up more readily. Tomorrow is almost a repeat


performance - dull, grey misty start for many of us. Into the afternoon


in particular we should see a bit more warm sunshine. That low cloud


that was glued to the North Sea coasts today is pushing inland.


Becoming much more extensive. Extensive. More mist and fog in


eastern Scotland and England. Coasts and hills. Damp and drizzle. A warm


night. We could catch a shower in the far South West. Many places will


start tomorrow dry but grey and cloudy. The mist and fog will tend


to lift and we'll see the sunshine breaking through in more sheltered


western areas, the Midlands and East Anglia and the south-east of


England. Lit warm up nicely. It will warm up in Northern Ireland in the


afternoon. It should be dry here. A little sunshine for Scotland. Mainly


in the west. Eastern areas, the onshore breeze drags in the cloud


and keeps it dull, cool and damp. A similar story in much of north-east


England. The other side of the Pennines should get more sunshine in


the afternoon. Sunshine breaking through readily across the Midlands


into East Anglia. We'll see spells by the afternoon across southern


England. It will feel warm, 23 oar 24 degrees. But notice one or two


showers. It is just one or two. They are likely to be heavy, but places


will will stay fine and dry. Warm in the sunshine in Wales. We are more


likely to get showers on Friday Again a bit hit and miss, but


thundery downpours across southern England, particularly the South


West, possibly extending into Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia. A


cloudier look to the weather. Even a lit rain in north-west Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Here temperatures 17-18 degrees. Warmth further south


in between the showers, especially if we get late sunshine. As we head


into the weekend, it changes. High pressure fwhilds from off the


Atlantic. It squeezes away all those showers into the near Continent The


weather will improve in the North East that. High is going to bring


cooler and fresher air. A change to what we've been used to so far this


month. Temperature as couple of degrees above average. It's been


unusually dry as well. The driest start to September for over 50


years, with just 7% of expected rainfall. As we've seen, there is




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