18/09/2014 BBC Weather


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and west. Top temperatures likely of 21 degrees. Possibly a bettdr day by


Sunday. 21 degrees. Possibly a better day by


Sunday. Hello, you know when you get


temperatures in the mid-20s at this time of year that we are on borrowed


time. By the weekend, we will not be getting 26 Celsius like today. But


by the weekend, we're not going to have the low cloud we have had in


Edinburgh throughout the week holding the temperature down, so


there are some changes on the way. Right now, the warm muggy air has


been triggering thunderstorms across the south of the UK. Bristol and


Cardiff, and other areas heading towards the south coast. Southern


England, the Midlands and Wales as the night goes on, some torrential


thundery downpours. May keep some of us awake. For Northern Ireland,


northern England and Scotland, mainly dry, but missed and low


cloud, hill fog becoming extensive again. It is muggy. This is the


morning, difficult to pinpoint exactly where the downpours are


going to be, but we have to cater for the possibility in London,


across into Bristol, the Midlands and Wales. Not for everyone, but


where they are, they could be torrential with a lot of surface


water and spray. Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland will


start mainly cloudy and dry. Missed, low cloud and hill fog for much of


the UK. There will be some showers. Not as heavy as they are further


south in the afternoon. Isolated thundery downpours. Wales, the


Midlands and East Anglia. As it brightens up through the afternoon,


southern England and South Wales will become warm again, but that


could trigger further torrential thunderstorms and a risk of hail


into the evening. Saturday, still a few heavy showers affecting southern


areas from the word go. Showers in the North, moving south but brighter


and fresher weather in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Getting rid of the


low cloud in eastern Scotland. High pressure on Sunday, fresher when,


sunny spells. Not as warm but less humid, better air quality and better


visibility. That might take some boxes for you. The story of the


weekend, the cloud is lifting, better visibility and turning


fresher. But cooler? Yes. So probably


Is rocket science easier than you think?


Well, BBC iWonder is full of great questions


for curious people like us. They just keep on coming.


Luckily, they have the answers as well.


Actually, could we leave it there, cos I'd quite like to


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