19/09/2014 BBC Weather


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Hello. Our weather is about to correct itself and stop acting as if


we are still at the height of summer. 26 Celsius today in Sussex


and Kent. Some disruptive thunderer storms. Those affected parts of


southern and south-west England with flooding. Further intense


storms developed to the north and east of London, and moving into East


Anglia. There's been a lot of rain in a short space of time, producing


flooding. Hail in places. This is East London this afternoon. If this


has been your weather recently, big changes are on the way. This weekend


we clear away the thunder storms. If you've had low cloud, mist and


drizzle, your weather improves as cleaner air pushes south. We are not


there yet. Another claggy night Showers and heavy downpours in Wales


and the Midlands. But eastern England are most at risk of seeing


torrential thunderstorms as the night goes on. Fresher, cooler air


for northern Scotland. Some spots into single figures. That's the sign


of a change. That will filter south. But England and Wales keep plenty of


cloud. Patchy rain working out of northern England into the Midlands.


Showers in eastern England and the potential in southern counties of an


isolated torrential thunderstorm. Perhaps more so in the far


south-east. The biggest change is eastern Scotland and nearest


England. We've had a whole week of low cloud, mist and drizzle. You


must be fed up of it. This weather front is clearing that away and


better visibility with brighter skies are on the way. That air mass


will be across the UK on Sunday Under clearing skies as high


pressure moves in, the early on Sunday morning it will be chilly.


Scotland, Northern Ireland, north-west England, some spots have


a touch of ground frost. Following Sunday, a mixture of cloud and


sunshine. Feeling very different. Different. The area of high pressure


is squeezed south next weeks present of fine weather for the south-east.


Occasional rain and wind elsewhere. The autumn equinox, by


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