18/10/2016 BBC Weather


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Good evening. As you've just seen from your local outlook, not a huge


amount changes over the next few days. The weather patterns will be


blocked again. What is driving that? It's a deep area of low pressure,


the remnants of hurricane Nicole in the Atlantic. That's heading towards


Greenland. Set to pile up the snow here, metres of it in the next few


days. It's dragging a lot of warm air into the North Atlantic on the


Eastern flank. What that does is build this, high pressure. That s


not going to move a great deal over the next few days. To the east, low


pressure in place. That means Eastern England always prone for


further showers through the rest of this week. For the rest of the UK,


largely dry, some sunny days, but also rather cool nights and a few


misty mornings. Some of you start that way in the morning.


Temperatures in single figures for the most part. A north-west breeze.


That brings in showers to the west first thing. Most prone across


Liverpool bay, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales. They drift


away southwards through the morning. Showers elsewhere will become fewer


in number except down Eastern parts of the country. We will see more of


them through the afternoon. For Scotland and Northern Ireland,


better day than today. Winds lighter, fewer showers around by the


afternoon. It will feel a touch warmer. Same for north-west England


once the morning cloud and showers clear away. East of the Pennines,


get ready, the showers are on the way for the second half of the way.


Isolated showers through Wales and the south-west. Most of you spend


the day dry, even if it's a fleeting shower that pushes through. One or


two isolated showers in the Midlands. Greatest chance of showers


Eastern counties of England through the afternoon. They'll be heavier


along the coastal strip. Accompanied by gale-force wind in places. It's


going to feel raw at times. The showers could come with thunder to


end the day. They'll continue through the night and through the


rest of the week. Eastern areas more prone. High pressure to the north


and west of us. With that, the nights get chillier. A cool start to


Thursday morning. Greater chance of frost in the west. Pembrokeshire


down towards Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, a few showers. Down the


Eastern areas of England, a few showers and quite a breeze. Mostly a


dry and sunny day. Not especially warm after a chilly start. Nice


enough under the sunshine. Temperatures drop further with more


of a widespread frost to take us into Friday. Change on Friday, cloud


in Scotland and Northern Ireland, splashes of rain. Showers and a


breeze in the south-east. Most of you dry and bright.


Is It was the most beautiful view


I've ever been through. For one second, I was swimming on my


back, and I was looking to the sky. I was swimming across


the Aegean Sea.


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