19/10/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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that cool breeze to factor hn. Here is Matt with the national ottlook.


that cool breeze to factor in. Here is Matt with the national outlook.


Good evening. Just as the weather starts to quieten down across many


parts of the country it notched up a gear across the east coast today.


Near gale force winds whipping up rough seas for our weather watchers


in north Yorkshire and in Norfolk. Low pressure across the North Sea,


still in place tonight bringing gusty winds down the east coast and


showers as well. Away from that most will be dry. An isolated shower down


to west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly but it's high pressure in


charge in the west. Lighter winds and clearer skies and coldest of the


conditions. A night to snuggle down under the duvet. Frost-free to the


east of England. The breeze will still be there in the morning. One


or two showers on the coast. Most will get away with a dry morning


commute. Sunniest weather to the west. Again a touch of frost here.


One or two mist and fog patches Greater chance of frost to start the


day in Scotland and Northern Ireland where some of the mist and fog


patches will last to mid-morning. But winds are lighter here and with


sunshine overhead temperatures will not rocket up, but by the afternoon


with light winds and sunshine probably will feel pleasant. England


and Wales always seeing more cloud at times, threatening the odd


isolated shower, most will be dry through the day. Greatest chance of


showers to eastern England. Winds not as strong as today but a


blustery feel and probably feeling coolest across the south-east, even


though it's here that you will see the highest of the temperatures The


low pressure system never too far away into Friday. This weather front


close to the north-west of the UK and as we go through Friday and


Thursday night into Friday morning it may just bring a few splashes of


rain but this is a little bit of a pessimistic picture. Most of the


time it will be dry. Most of the country after a frosty start,


particularly through the centre with mist and fog, another dry and sunny


day. Pleasant in the sunshine and still breezy and a few showers in


the south-east. The weekend, low pressure starts to develop to the


Bay of Biscay. That strengthens the wind across the country and will


bring chilly air through the weekend especially for the northern half of


the UK. As the winds pick up the general story is one of showers in


the east, a few further westwards. Many western areas will stay dry


this weekend. A chance of heavy rain close to the south-west later.


Louise will have more details on the weather for the


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