20/10/2016 BBC Weather


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The outlook, mostly dry for the next few days. Now the national outlook.


Good evening. We are likely to the all colours of the autumn, tomorrow,


fog could be an issue. Today, West has been best. Beautiful sunny


spells breaking through the cloud in western areas but running down


through North Sea coasts again, a frequent rash of showers. Some


coming further inland but look at this picture, a typical story of the


Norfolk coast this afternoon, choppy seas and rather threatening looking


skies. It stays breezy through the night here and showers die back


towards the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. Elsewhere, clear skies. We


could see a touch of frost and some sub -- stubborn fog patches in the


morning. In rural parts, temperatures could dip close to


freezing. It could be the fog that could be an issue first thing, it's


worth bearing in mind if you are on the roads early on. Particularly


favoured spots looked likely to be central and western areas. This time


of year it could take time for that fog to lift. It's worth bearing in


mind, it's going to be a chilly start and potentially a murky start


as well. We could continue to see sharp showers running and across the


East Anglia and coastline. Further north, largely dry, a bit of a


great, drab start and feeling pretty chilly, with more persistent rain


perhaps into eastern Scotland and the north-west, and maybe a touch


light frost in sheltered rural parts of Northern Ireland. As we go


through the day the rain is likely to ease across eastern Scotland and


just confine itself into the far north-west. The Western Isles in


particular. At the same time after that great, drab start into the day,


conditions should slowly brighten but always the risk of further


showers running in off North Sea coasts. Temperatures struggling for


the time of year. 10-14 at the very best. It's unlikely to change, the


weather theme, as we move towards the weekend. We keep the option of


sunny spells after chilly, foggy and frosty starts, and always the chance


of more showers out of the east That's generally because high


pressure stays in the driving seat. However, this low will start to come


into play in the second half of the weekend. It will strengthen the


winds close to gale force on exposed south-western coasts and eventually


bring some rain. Before that there will be a good deal of dry weather


in the offing, yes, on the chilly side, with


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