21/10/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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ahead to Sunday, not a bad day, sunshine to be enjoyed. Louhse


sunshine to be enjoyed. Louise Lear has the national forecast now


though. Good evening. Heading off to bed


wondering what is in store for the weekend? Pretty much what we have


seen this week. Today we had a fair amount of cloud around and a few


showers coming in off the North Sea coast. Topping and tailing the


country, there was some beautiful spells of sunshine. It was glorious


in the Shetland aisles this afternoon and down towards Cornwall


as well. As for the weekend, it could start off on a chilly note


with some patchy fog and frost, but then hopefully we should see some


sunny spells coming through. The showers always likely to be out


towards the east. The showers continuing this evening and


overnight. Further west under clearer skies yet again, we could


see the temperatures falling away and we could see some patchy fog


which may well be slow to lift away first thing. In rural parts,


temperatures will dip close to freezing so it's going to be a


chilly start to Saturday morning, particularly if the fog lifts


slowly. A scattering of showers coming in off the North Sea will


drift that bit further inland. Add on the strength of the wind on the


East Coast and it will feel disappointing. Generally, the


temperatures still a bit subdued for the time of year.


There'll be some good, dry sunny weather in the offing. If you are


playing or spectating in the Premier League during Saturday, some perfect


weather conditions for both. A similar story for the Scottish


premiership too. You will be unlucky if you catch a shower. They'll be


very, very isolated. As you move out of Saturday, it


looks as though we could see more organised showers through eastern


Scotland and north-east England for a time, perhaps as far south as the


Midlands. South of that, we could potentially see further fog


reforming and some of that may be dense in places and may well be slow


to clear away first thing on Saturdayed Sunday morning. Not much


in the way of change to the weather story on Sunday, but this area of


low pressure down into the south-west, you can see the isobars


squeezing together, the winds will pick up gusting to gale force


perhaps by the end of the afternoon on exposed south-west coasts, so


that means it will feel colder. There'll be more cloud around. Sunny


spells coming through again and showers are fleeting out to the


east. Rain will arrive in the south-west


overnight Sunday into Monday and linger for a


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