26/10/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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out the outlook. Temperaturds are looking very promising indedd. Nick


Miller looking very promising indeed. Nick


Miller has the National forecast. If you like your forecast to include


cold weather, this is not for you. Temperatures have been heading up,


helped by sunshine showing off the autumn colours. 19 Celsius in


Cheshire. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales got to 16 or above. The


mild hour feeding around high pressure from the Atlantic will


continue for the rest of the week into the weekend, even the start of


next week. Not a huge amount of sunshine with it. Colder areas


lurking to the north, it will try to come away later next week, bringing


temperatures back close to average. We will keep you updated. A bit


chilly overnight in rural spots sheltered Scottish glens, for


example. For developing weather winds are right across southern


England, that will be dense into the morning. Stronger winds in northern


Scotland, another weather French bringing outbreaks of rain by the


end of the night. The fog in the morning, the Met


Office has a weather warning in force across southern England.


Patchy in nature, dense patch is possible. It could slow down, so


bear that in mind. Elsewhere, patchy light rain into the hills of


northern England as we have seen this evening, spit sunspots for


Northern Ireland and Scotland, but the more substantial rain is into


Shetland and the Western Isles, with a brisk wind.


The weather front has more rain than previous ones as it filters into the


far north-west of mainland Scotland through the day. A windy picture


from the Midlands Northwoods, gusty winds into Scotland. The winds pick


up in southern England, which should clear the fog of the low sunshine


into the afternoon. Away from the rain in north-west Scotland, fine,


13 to 16, 17 and 18 possible. The rain pushes south into Northern


Ireland through Thursday evening. By Friday it stalled across northern


England, North Wales, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland, they


could see patchy rain. Feeling colder in northern Scotland, Miles


for the rest of England and Wales. It sets us up for the weekend with


high-pressure, moisture being dragged in from the Atlantic,


meaning a fair amount of cloud. Many places will remain dry. As you can


see for the weekend, still on the mild side. Nothing particularly cold


on the horizon, but nothing


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