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fine and dry and on the mild side. My colleague Helen


fine and dry and on the mild side. My colleague Helen Willetts has with


the national picture. Good evening. The dry October


weather is set to continue into the weekend. It's been kind if you've


been on half term. Not that I'm promising this sort of weather for


all. Isn't it lovely, taken on the Isle of Wight. Our top temperature


was 17 Celsius, not too far away. What a lovely and to the date here


at Mansfield Woodhouse. We have had some sunshine and warmth. It is set


to continue, but the fly in the ointment is a weakening weather


friend. It's edging southwards. To the south we are seeing patchy mist


and dense fog, around potentially for the morning. Not as widespread


as recently but just as dangerous. Quite mild here but to the north we


have chilly air, just briefly, because come the weekend we are all


bathed once again in the mild Atlantic air. The chilly air does


mean a touch of rural frost in the morning in Scotland, but also some


sunshine. Further south the fog will take time to clear as it does this


time of year. The cloud comes and goes. Where we see some brightness,


some sunshine will lift the temperatures to 16-17. With the


weather front over East Anglia and the Midlands there could be some


health fog as well. To the north, temperatures not as high as they


have been but more sunshine, quite a sparkling day for some. Just a few


showers around. For Northern Ireland the cloud increases in the afternoon


because the weather front is moving northwards tomorrow. Some


intensification in the rain for the far north and west, damp start on


Saturday. Elsewhere we are prone to cloud breaks and mist and fog issues


on Saturday morning, taking until mid-morning to clear and then we get


into the brighter, dry weather for most and quite warm, particularly of


sunshine breaks through, for this time of year at 14-17dC. Saturday


night brings the approaching weather fronts to the north-west, so


probably thicker cloud and rain here but for the majority for Saturday


into Sunday there will be a lot of dry weather for devoutly and bear in


mind Saturday night into Sunday as the night of the clock change, when


we get an extra hour's sleep and an extra hour in bed so you will wake


up to some rather grey weather on Sunday morning but hopefully we will


see things brightening up. On Sunday the weather front is close to


Scotland and northern Ireland so perhaps the thicker cloud and rain


for a


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