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cloudy weekend and more of the same to come into the beginning of next


week as well. Now to come into the beginning of next


week as well. Now the national picture.


Hello, it's been a pretty good week for getting out and enjoying the


autumn colours, especially if you have seen autumn sunshine. What


sunshine, if you have been in Manchester or the Wirral, damp in


places. Ty Gifford had it better, and Deal in Kent, with sunshine


It's high pressure and settled weather but the flow of air may be


mild but winning in moisture, not necessarily in the form of rain


Many others will be staying dry but in the form of cloud. Some mild


made it cloudy this weekend and patchy fog overnight and into the


morning. Perhaps misty and murky across western hills of Britain


through the night. England and Wales seeing patchy lower-level fog,


developing into Northern Ireland as well, once we shift the drizzle


some of that in northern England and West of Scotland. Eastern Scotland


and North East England, cloud increasing temperatures heading up.


It's a mild start of the weekend but with plenty of cloud again, misty,


murky, damp and drizzly in places but an improvement as they go into


Saturday afternoon. There could be a bit of sunshine coming through.


Eastern parts of Scotland, for example, if you are into the hills


in the West and northern England it could be misty in places and


drizzly. Northern Ireland, a few brighter breaks, into North Wales as


well and parts of south-west England, Cornwall and Devon. White


winds whenever you get to see sunshine it will feel quite warm for


the type of year. The appearance of sunshine in East Midlands, East


Anglia and south-east England. We are set fair going into Saturday


evening but then change Saturday night as a weather front is coming


to the north-west of Britain. It will bring outbreaks of rain into


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, some heavy bursts. Patchy


fog developing going into Sunday morning but I'll start on Sunday.


Outbreaks of rain. And and Northern Ireland should retreat back


north-west Scotland, England and Wales Nick -- mainly dry on Sunday.


A few breaks on Sunday afternoon and Sunday's temperatures very similar


to those we will have tomorrow. Sunday is Diwali, the Festival of


light, there will be Hallowe'en parties as well. This works better


if it's dark. The sun will set earlier on Sunday because clocks are


going back earlier and our on Saturday


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