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through and it stays on the chilly side. Strong northerly winds, some


sunshine and also some rain for the weekend. The National weather coming


up now with Louise. Halloween 2 16 has almost come and gone but it has


left some spookily interesting statistics. It has been a third


consecutive mild Halloween. The warmest was in 2014, 20 four


Celsius. Today we have been breaking records in Wales, the warmest


Halloween, 22 Celsius. A glorious shot, fairly indicative of what we


had in Wales today, sent in by weather watcher earlier. A different


story further north and east. The cloud made it great and in the


Northern Isles temperatures didn't climb above nine Celsius. It is as


cold air set to descend south through the course of the night


tonight and brings a marked contrast for tomorrow. There will be some


patchy fog ahead of it across England and Wales. There is the week


weather from meandering its way out of Scotland into Northern Ireland.


To the north, clearer skies, colder with a scattering showers. I suspect


by dawn it will be the fog that will be the real issue, patchy but dense


in places and could lead to the potential for some hazardous driving


conditions, particularly close to south Wales, along that M4 corridor,


parts of oxygen and into London It will be slow to lift and even once


it does it will lift into low cloud and be joined by this weather front


bringing the odd spot of rain. Maybe the far south-west will see some


sunshine but the best of the sunshine in northern England,


Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, despite some showers in


the far north-east. It will be a promising day in terms of some but


not in terms of the feel, 7-9d here, 11-13 further south, maybe 15 if we


have some sunshine in the south-west. The high-pressure stays


with us through the middle part of the week. A quiet theme but the wind


comes down to a north-westerly direction, a stiff breeze and we


could see cold starts to Wednesday morning, a touch of frost likely


almost anywhere during Wednesday. We start off on a cold and chilly


notes, breezy down through North Sea coast. The risk of a shower along


the east and temperatures struggling, 9-12 degrees. It will be


a bit of a shock to the system in the next few days. Turning chilly.


There will be plenty of sunshine around but sunshine by


to commemorate the Africans who were here.


In Cumbria, we go back to the 1100s,


but not as far as the black history that we've revealed today.


It makes me proud to be African and proud to be British.


When were you going to tell Whitney about the loan?


MICK: All you've got to do is show up.


Everything that could go wrong went wrong yesterday.


and you've got to do it before the wedding.


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