19/12/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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around, windy, but with dry and bright spells.


Heavy weather is brewing, it will not reach us just yet. It will take


a good few days before the stormy weather reaches us. At the moment,


it's just potential, nothing is certain, but it will be different to


what we've had over the last few weeks, it's been so calm. We have a


jet stream raging out of North America making a beeline for the UK.


It has peaked at jet level height, blowing in excess of 200 mph, and it


might whip up to max storms we are watching. Friday had coming close to


northern Britain, and then another one on Christmas Day. This one a bit


more uncertain. This one again making a beeline to the UK. Still


way off, just how bad the wind will get and how much rainfall we will


get, is still a little bit uncertain. I will know more this


time tomorrow night, but probably not an awful lot more. In the short


term, it's still quiet and murky and misty and drizzly across the bulk of


England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland, a different story,


a beautiful end to the day, they touch of Frost tonight and tomorrow


morning. The lowlands, over much of Scotland and into Northern Ireland,


a chilly start, around freezing, a couple of degrees above around the


towns and cities of Scotland and Northern Ireland. A different story


in England and Wales with temperatures in the 4-7 degree


range. A touch of drizzle. The difference on Tuesday, the cloud


will break up so some of us will have fine weather on the way. Here


is the change, with all the unsettled weather piling in and the


weather front that will open up the floodgates to all those screaming


winds coming our way. It will not be windy all the way through. Unsettled


meaning the weather will go up and down. It will not be, whoa, all the


way to Christmas with strong winds. One blustery day will be Wednesday.


Some of the northerly showers will be wintry and across the hills. Some


sunshine around. In the south, cloud and bits and pieces of rain. Still


double-figure temperatures. Thursday, another blustery day with


showers. Friday night, a potential storm heading our way. Into that


week in, get more unsettled # Baby, you light up my world


like nobody else...


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