20/12/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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country it's worth knowing the national forecast. Over now to


Tomasz. So, the weather's going to blow a


few cobwebs away in the coming days and maybe a few other things, as


well. How stormy is it going to get? For most of us probably not too


terrible. It is, however, going to be very nasty across parts of


Scotland on Friday. The clouds are racing across the Atlantic and we


will see a storm by the time we get to around about Friday and then


Friday night. At the moment we have a weather


front crossing the country, we have had dreadful weather in the


north-west, it was cold and raining in Northern Ireland and western


Scotland. This band of rain will be somewhere here by the end of the


night. Behind it a shot of cooler air, colder air and frequent


showers. This is what Wednesday looks like. Lots of showers around


across northern parts of the country, some of them with hail.


Maybe even thunder crossing parts of northern England into Wales. Notice


that the south is different here. We get a shot of slightly milder air


coming in from the south-west, double figure temperatures. To the


north some sunshine and showers. Those winds will keep on building


through the course of Wednesday and into Thursday. Notice how the skies


clear, Thursday morning will not be bad at all across the southern half


of the UK for many parts of eastern and southern England, it's going to


be the best day of the week, crisp sunshine about and western and


northern areas will get the showers. It will feel chilly. The forecast


remains a blustery day across northern areas.


Then Friday we have storm Barbara. It is going to bring a real blow to


north western parts of Scotland, an amber warning in force. How strong


will the winds be? Mainly up to 90mph, that's strong and then it


will be in exposed areas but also to the south of that, Northern Ireland


and northern England could see gusts of 60-70. Christmas Eve into


Christmas another storm, that one is more uncertain. We will update you


on that one tomorrow. This is the basic message, stay tuned to weather


forecasts, especially if you are travelling through northern parts of


the British Isles.


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