29/12/2016 BBC Weather


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Hello. Fold and frost has been a feature of the weather in recent


mornings in England and Wales, producing a wintry scene with Frost


in Oxfordshire this morning. In Highland Scotland, a completely


different story. Thank you to our weather watchers for the photos.


Snow on the hills but temperatures reaching double figures as the wind


picked up and the weather systems knocking on the door. That will be


hanging around with outbreaks of rain, blasting into Friday and


Saturday as well. Further south, barely any wind, so fog patches


coming and going with some dense patch as possible. This is where we


will find the lowest temperatures. Friday begins with double figures in


parts of Highland Scotland. Windy, too. Parts of north-east Scotland,


in contrast, will get some sunshine tomorrow. Elsewhere, plenty of cloud


to begin the day across western areas. Damp and drizzly at times.


And some fog across parts of England and Wales, maybe some of it dense,


especially across East Anglia and south-east England, and Frost, too.


Most of that fog will clear but some spots might stay a bit misty.


Elsewhere, temperatures milder than today. Some brightness in parts of


Wales and north-east Scotland. Damp and drizzly in the West and wet and


windy across the North and north-west of Scotland. Glasgow,


Belfast, 11 degrees. Not as cold, as New Year's Eve begins, nor as foggy.


And the rain moves south on Saturday across parts of Scotland and


Northern Ireland. If you are going out for New Year's Eve, it looks as


if the rain pulls away from Scotland and Northern Ireland and it turns


colder. The rain is heading into parts of northern England and Wales.


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