30/12/2016 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. Looking ahead to 2017 it looks like we will start off on a


cold note. This weather front will move south in the next day or so


bringing rain with it, but also much colder air following a lull behind.


It will sweep the fog away. It's grey for some places this afternoon.


You could hardly see across the river in the Greater London area.


Met Office warnings are in force. Stay tuned to BBC local radio, they


will keep you up-to-date with the situation where you are and where


you are headed. The visibility could be as low as 100 meters or less


overnight. Tricky on the roads. Some of that fog will be freezing in the


south eastern corner. That adds to the mix. No problems in the north


and west of the UK. We have a south-westerly breeze, that will


keep things mild. There will be rain in northern Scotland. Into the


morning, slow improvements, the fog will be a problem at #. 9.00am. But


slow improvements. Maybe a few breaks in the cloud for northern


England through the morning. We get up into Scotland it will be cloudy,


windy to the north and west. Rainfall totals adding up.


Reasonable start in Northern Ireland, mild and breezy. The


weather front is slipping southwards, rain turning up in the


central lowlandsening, creeping into Northern Ireland as well. The fog


further south should lift into low cloud. It will improve into the


afternoon. Nine or ten degrees. Brighter weather to the east of the


Pennines. Head towards mid niegd, the weather front gets down into


northern England and into parts of Wales. Around midnight it will be


good in the south-east, dry, fairly mild, cloudy. To the north of our


weather front it will be cold with wintry showers to the north of


Scotland. Further wintry showers coming down in the cold wind for New


Year's Day. Our main weather front contains


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