02/01/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It's been a dry and bright day across most parts of the


country today. Despite the chilly feel to the weather, there has been


some sunshine. Clear skies as the sun set in east Essex. With those


clear skies around, temperatures are plummeting, particularly across


southern parts. Here we see the coldest temperatures. We could see


icy stretches on untreated surfaces, pavements and roads first thing


Tuesday morning. Not quite as cold towards the North West. Cloud moving


in here through the overnight period. Lows to minus six or minus


seven degrees in one or two spots. A cold start to Tuesday. If you have


the commute back to work, it is looking milder towards the North


West. We have rain for northern and western Scotland. Quite windy here


too. Perhaps a few splashes of rain across Northern Ireland and the


North West of England. A lot of dry weather. Mainly to the east of the


Pennines, clearer spells. A cold start here. Further south, across


England and Wales, we will see the clear skies. A sharp frost first


thing Tuesday morning. A sharp frost first thing, slippery conditions. We


could see mist and freezing fog too. Through the course of the day, most


places stay dry. The best of the sunshine will be for southern and


Eastern parts of the country. Further North West we have more of


the cloud piling in. So a bit milder under the cloud, eight or nine


degrees or so. Slightly colder further south, but a bit more


sunshine to compensate for it. High pressure is the main driving force


of our weather, into the middle of the week. We will see the cold front


working south as we head through into Wednesday. It's a fairly weak


affair. Perhaps a little bit of light rain. Most places staying dry.


It opens the doors to colder air again moving in from a northerly


direction. That northerly airflow will affect Eastern England and


Eastern Scotland too, feeling cool in that breeze. But dry and bright.


Just a small chance a few scattered showers around the coast. Further


west cloud thin and break later in the day. A good deal of dry weather.


Again rather cool with temperatures between four to nine degrees. With


high pressure holding on into Thursday, another cold but largely


dry and bright day. It looks like we'll see more cloud, milder weather


and frapz rain by the -- perhaps rain by Friday.