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milder later in the week. That is it from me but coming up next is the


national picture. Good evening. But frost or not of frost, that is the


weather question for tomorrow and the answer is no, probably not


because of this weather front that is slipping south from Scotland,


maybe towards the south-west where we might have one or two pockets of


clearer skies. The real cold air is in the north, behind that cold front


and that will be as significant as we move into Thursday morning. It


means that overnight temperatures will stay just above freezing with


the exception in parts of Scotland. Around three or 5 degrees in many


towns and city centres but the cold air behind that fund really kicks in


on Wednesday night into Thursday with a widespread hard frost quite


possible. Wednesday morning, this is the front bringing some nuisance


cloud and outbreaks of light, drizzly rain. In the south-west you


might see a bit of early-morning brightness but it is not expected to


last because the cloud will continue to push south-west, sitting across


the London area and the Midlands and North Wales as well as Northern


Ireland where it will be a grey and dull and damp start. Northern


England, not too bad, like Scotland but still a stiff wind across the


Northern Isles and effecting eastern Scotland, driving in some showers


and some of them could be wintry. It will feel cold here, particularly


with the wind on the exposed coast. Decent spells of sunshine in


Scotland and northern England, eventually Northern Ireland and


North Wales and the Midlands as that fund sinks south and west.


Temperatures around eight or nine degrees -- that front. Three for the


best in Scotland. Widespread hard frost likely at the temperatures


fall away across the country on Wednesday night into Thursday


morning and in rural spots we could have loads of -5 or -6 so you could


be scraping the windscreen first thing. And the potential for some


freezing fog patches. The risk of some isolated showers in the east


but not a bad day on Thursday, dry with some sunshine and a bit more of


a breeze and not quite as cold in the West because of what is coming


on Friday. A series of fronts move in bringing wet and windy weather


through the day, which means it will be rather cloudy with outbreaks of


showery rain moving towards London by the end of the date but it does


mean as we headed to the weekend Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks?


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