04/01/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Temperatures creeping up a notch or two and turning milder into the


weekend. A guarantee on your journey to work


tomorrow, if you are nipping out to the shop for a paper, somebody will


talk about how cold it is. Looking at today, the weather front pushing


Southwest, mild air stay in south-west, but behind it is colder


air from the Arctic. Behind it, windy conditions. Bleak across


northern Scotland, a cold day with temperatures struggling to get above


two. If you think that's cold, look at what's happening outside as we


speak. Temperatures falling below freezing quite widely across the


country and towards dawn they could be as low as -8 in rural parts of


Oxfordshire. I guarantee you will be scraping the ice of the car


windscreens first thing in the morning. Some cloud running down the


North Sea coast and some cloud across Lincolnshire and East Anglia.


A few showers here, but further inland the temperatures fall away.


Towns and city centres also below freezing. Widespread hard frost


first thing. The exception might be down in the south-west, a little


cloud first thing in the morning, but it will be a cold and frosty


start. Maybe even some patchy freezing fog in places. Hopefully


fairly isolated. The risk of some showers across the East Yorkshire


coast and ligature, but those showers will ease through the day


and perhaps a bit more cloud around for Northern Ireland so not as cold.


Not as windy tomorrow across the north-east of Scotland. Fewer


showers around and we will see some sparkling sunshine through the day.


Yes, it will be cold, but the frost will lift and it will be a lovely


day in terms of sunshine coming through. Brighter skies out to the


West. Temperatures here at around seven or 8 degrees, but elsewhere it


will feel pretty cold. Looks as though a south-west wind will kick


in moving towards Friday, pushing weather fronts in from the Atlantic


so see wet and windy weather arriving. Ahead of that, the


potential for dense and freezing fog in the south-east first thing. The


rain getting heavier, weeping as it pushes south and east. A milder day


on Friday, between seven and 11 degrees. The front clears away, high


pressure building as we move into the weekend. Looks though the


quieter mild weather is set to continue. Lots of mild air around at


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and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


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