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weekend as well. For more on that snow situation, over to Jay Wynne


now. Quite a lot going on over the next


few days. The strong north-westerly wind will drag some really cold


Arctic air across our shores full stop that will be with us for the


next few days. And there will be some wintry weather and it will be a


cold end to the week. In the short-term, the strong winds pushing


the rain away from Scotland. The winds really picking up in the north


and west with frequent showers following into Scotland and Northern


Ireland, some of them wintry over the higher ground. It will be


particularly cold in the wind, which will be a key feature of things


tomorrow. Travel disruption is certainly possible across the


northern half of the UK, with winds up to 70mph, possibly even more in a


few places. A few showers in Northern Ireland in the morning,


with blustery conditions here as well as in northern England,


especially east of the Pennines. A few breaks in the cloud. Blustery


conditions will head to the chilly feel. The strongest winds around the


coasts of the south and west. Most of the showers will be to the


northern half of the UK. Temperatures really rising much


during the day. Again, feeling cold in the wind, which continues to blow


quite strong through Wednesday evening and into the small hours of


Thursday. Snow getting down to some lower levels in Scotland. In the


northern half of the UK, uh-oh on Thursday, we are likely to see some


frost and icy patches. This system in the north of the UK could well


bring some fairly significant snow to the northern half of Scotland,


particularly over higher ground. There will be snow and rain showers


in Northern Ireland and parts of northern England. Further south,


some snow for a time across the south-west of England and the Brecon


Beacons. Later on in the day, some of that snow could begin to settle


over the Downs. It will be feeling cold, particularly in the wind.


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