09/01/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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precipitation we get will be of a wintry nation and Thursday is one we


have to watch out for. The weekend outlook, it stays chilly with a


northerly wind and possibly frosty nights. The national weather


forecast now. Wet and windy weather across the


western side of Scotland. Blood-pressure is in charge of the


weather, lots of isobars and it remains windy overnight across


northern and western parts of Scotland. It will blow a gale here.


That is the north-west quadrant of the UK, that is where we expect most


of the overnight rain. Within north-westerly breeze it is chilly


and by the end of the night it is three or 4 degrees in major towns


and cities, rural spots lower than that, and a risk of icy patches in


some places. Across the eastern side of Scotland not much rain, more on


the west, still breezy but not as windy as it is now. Northern Ireland


will be fairly cloudy with some rain in the morning, not much in northern


England but some in the Pennines, but for the it will be dry.


Essentially a dry start. More in the way of rain across parts of Wales


and the south-west of England. The east side of England and East


Scotland seemed the best sunny spells in the morning, by the


afternoon more in the way of cloud, as patchy rain drifts eastwards.


After a chilly start most places in single figures through the


afternoon, although one or two in the south-west might get double


figures. In the evening sun patchy rain, and then we will see another


weather system coming in from the north and west drifting down to the


Midlands by dawn on Wednesday with further showers, some turning wintry


over the high ground. Starting Wednesday in single figures again.


Wednesday will be a windy day for sure, blustery winds and lots of


showers across Scotland, getting right across the country. Some of


them will be wintry over higher ground, a few wintry showers over


the hills of Northern Ireland and northern England. Further north


quite cold and you have to factor in the blustery wind making it feel


colder. On the subject of cold, exceptionally low temperatures in


the south-east of Europe, no change for the next couple of days but it


turns less cold in Germany and in Poland. On Thursday, the winds come


down from the north and north-west and lots of isobars on the chart


meaning it will be a windy day and a significant wind-chill factor and


further wintry showers. Later on