06/01/2017 BBC Weather


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Good evening. The weather has been turning milder and also cloudier


through the course of the day. We did see some clear spells moving in


from the North will stop this was the sunset, captured in Dundee. Some


clear spells as we headed through the course of the afternoon into the


evening. Really, through the weekend, wiki with a similar theme.


Much milder than it has been. A lot of cloud around in general, but for


most of us think. Dry. Not dry everywhere at the moment,


particularly across central and southern parts of England and Wales.


We have a lot of cloud, bringing outbreaks of light rain and drizzle.


The patchy rain will ease away slowly towards the south through


tonight and further north across the country, drier conditions. Wherever


you are, it's pretty cloudy. Mostly frost free to start the weekend, but


there could be frost across the central glens of Scotland. A chilly


start, but quite a lot of cloud, some pockets of Mr Ness as we work


our way south across parts of northern England, Northern Ireland


and Wales. Heading further south across England and Wales, the cloud


sticker, some low cloud, grey start with some spots of rain along the


south coast. With high pressure in charge much of the day is looking


dry and subtle. Pretty grey and gloomy. We have some low cloud and


missed dinners around. The cloud breaks up in the north. For


Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland there should be


brightness in the afternoon. Temperatures around 8-10. Further


south, 10-11, but you are stuck under the cloud with drizzle here


and there. No great changes into the second half of the weekend. Again,


with high pressure in charge, lots of dry weather, still a lot of


cloud. For most of Sunday morning is another frost free one. There could


be frost in central and eastern parts of Scotland. The brightness in


East of Scotland League eased -- north-east England and eastern


Wales, but most places grey with Hill fog. The mildest weather is in


the West, 10-11. Slightly cooler and fresher to the east and if we look


further east, into eastern parts of continental Europe, look at the


temperatures. -26 in Moscow. That's an afternoon high. The very cold


weather is causing some disruption across eastern parts of Europe.


Closer to home during Monday, is miles towards the south-east but low


pressure bringing a spell of wet weather and windy weather for a


time. That opens the door for a more unsettled spell


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