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from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern England and parts of Wales felt


colder, particularly in these misty and foggy conditions in this weather


watcher view. Some drizzly rain around at times still from the


thicker cloud into parts of England and Wales overnight, hill fog too.


Cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland, although a few breaks in


eastern Scotland and close to freezing, but the coldest weather


overnight is where the skies are clearest, that's parts of the


south-east. A hard frost setting in for some in the countryside, already


close to minus four in a couple of spots. Minus seven is possible in


the morning because this part of the UK is closest to the cold air


starting to feed in but that's about as far as it's going to get because


most have the air coming from the Atlantic. Mild with plenty of cloud.


There is a frost for the Channel Islands and much of south-east


England and parts of East Anglia to start tomorrow. It will feel cold


even though you don't have a frost in this cloudy zone, into parts of


Wales and some in northern England, still damp and drizzly in places and


fog patches are possible. A lot of cloud in Northern Ireland, mainly


dry and drizzly rain also pushing into the hills of western Scotland.


A bit of rain developing into Shetland. For eastern parts of


Scotland during the day bright and sunny spells developing and brighter


breaks into north-east England. Generally speaking, sunshine will be


hard to come by, from thicker cloud you could see some rain. Probably


the best of the sunshine into the far south-east of England. Perhaps


developing into parts of south-west England. Here temperatures lower


compared with elsewhere. Still very mild for the time of year but breezy


in northern Scotland. Looks like the clear skies tomorrow evening and


night not as extensive across southern most parts of the UK.


Plenty of cloud going into Thursday, despite the cloud many places will


be dry but again you could encounter patchy rain or drizzle. And little


change with high pressure in control for the rest of the week and into


the weekend, maybe at the weekend better chance for seeing sunny


spells but also catching frost overnight and where you are mild now


temperatures come down a few degrees. The forecast for where you


are or That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States...


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