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High pressure stays in charge of the next few days, no great changes over


the next few next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by a Weather


Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby thanks to an awful lot of cloud


around and very little deviation by day or night from the rather grey


routine. That is because we have a weather


front, albeit very weak and very little wind to move the cloud and


the mist on. Those areas furthest from the weather front to the south,


we will see frosty weather under clear skies and to the north and


east, but for most of us the code acts like a blanket, stopping


temperatures from falling down so relatively mild. Under the clear


skies it is another harsh frost. There is fog around and the cold air


is never too far away, it is a really harsh period of winter at the


moment down to the Mediterranean and at times the cold right,


particularly towards the weekend, will further our way. Where we have


cold and the frosty weather, these are the sorts of seeds we have. That


was West Berkshire this morning, those scenes will be quite prevalent


across the southern half of the UK. There could be mist and fog across


East Anglia, the Midlands and Wales and we have seen how misty it is to


Derbyshire, that low cloud is sitting on the hills.


Very few breaks in the cloud initially elsewhere except perhaps


the East and the north-east, then we have another weather front, some


patchy rain across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, although it


looks set to pull away from Shetland tomorrow. A slightly better chance


of more brightness coming through in Northern Ireland, we will have that


in parts of eastern Scotland, some breaks elsewhere but the majorities


in the south, perhaps more so than today. We could see more cloud


coming into East Anglia and the south-east later. Temperatures have


evened out somewhat, five to nine Celsius.


Subtle changes on Friday, perhaps more brightness across Northern


Ireland and Scotland, less in the South, meaning less frost on the


whole. The high-pressure keeps things drive for the weekend. There


could be spotted drizzly rain and even sleet and snow but


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