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keep it going into the weekend? It looks as though we can, a bit more


cloud looks as though we can, a bit more


cloud on Sunday. Now the national picture.


Good evening, it will gradually get colder in the UK in the next few


days, something we don't have to worry about in Australia at this


time of year. Of course it's the Australian tennis open at the moment


and there's a big storm moving through Melbourne at the moment.


Hopefully it will have cleared through by the time of Andy Murray's


match. We have high withers and light winds and some interesting


contrasts despite things being very slow moving, with the sunshine to


the south of the weather zone but stuck underneath the weather zone,


it's been another miserably grey day. No doubt quite dreary with some


patches of drizzle. This is how it looked in Staffordshire, under the


weather front. In the sunshine, despite the Frosty start, a


sparkling day and a fantastic sunset here in the Isle of Wight. Some


areas, in parts of Northern Ireland that haven't seen much sunshine this


week, actually saw the sun come out. This is Enniskillen. We are chasing


cloud, and where we don't have the cloud in northern Scotland there is


a good chance of seeing the aurora borealis overnight tonight, but it's


cold. The cold in the south is more widespread. There is less cloud


around. We are seeing fog developed through Cambridgeshire and parts of


the Wash and into Lincolnshire, but in the countryside, minus six


potentially tomorrow morning, just like this morning. Widely Frosty


across the southern half of the UK, with some patchy, freezing fog. Also


we could have the odd pocket of fog for the eastern side of the


Pennines, the Vale of York and parts of Northern Ireland where we have


had breaks in the cloud and the north-east of Scotland, where there


are holes in the cloud. That's where we will see the best of the sunshine


again. More widely tomorrow it looks as though Wales and across East


Anglia and Lincolnshire, not only warm, still only 5-7dC, very little


is going to change this weekend. The weather front is still withers,


slightly different orientation, so it's likely any bits of drizzle and


potentially snye turned -- sleet and snow for the Pennines will be in


eastern areas. The Pennines and perhaps up into the Grampians will


fare better. In the south-west we pick up more cloud. The temperatures


are lower than they have been this week, as I hinted at the beginning.


It's going to get colder this weekend, so a widespread frost. We


are gradually moistening up


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