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showers. A little less cold. Let's take a look at the Outlook towards


the weekend. Good evening. If you think it was


cold today, for many it will be colder still tomorrow. Cold even


when we have the sunshine today. This was one of the wonderful


weather watcher pictures we had sent in from Cornwall. It contrasts with


a cloudy and foggy eastern half of the country, and a bank of cloud.


Still foggy, but it is starting to lift. It is being pushed north and


west, this bank of cloud. That will continue through the night. We will


still have some fog sitting on the hills. Even with the cloud, it will


be a cold night, with temperatures away from the far north and west


falling to freezing. In the countryside, well below freezing.


And on the wind and it will feel better, it already feels better.


Giving us some freezing drizzle and snow as well. Although the fog will


not be as extensive as recent nights, it will still be heading on


the hills and ice will become a player in places. Some drizzle and


snow grains falling or frozen surfaces, it could be treacherous on


untreated roads and services. A cold start for all and a grey one. The


best chance of the sunshine will be in the North West of Scotland.


Sunshine was far more abundant today. The day will see some more


holes in the cloud, perhaps north-west Wales. We may see sixes


and sevens, but for most of us, even when you add on the wind chill and


the thermometer is above freezing it will feel below freezing when you


are out and about. A better day. The wind is still a feature on Friday,


but you can see the direction, more from a southerly direction, perhaps


the Bay of Biscay. Slightly less cold. There are still the potential


for snowflakes. When the showers coming, on the strengthening wind,


it could be quite heavy and some winteriness over the hills. It does


look like we will see some showery bursts of rain on Friday. Still


going to feel cold, especially in eastern areas, despite double


figures later in the West. We have a lot of cloud and that feed of wind.


Saturday sees this showery band moving its way across the UK. Still


wintry across the hills. That is the first area of low pressure for a


time crossing the UK. Sunday May slip to the south, we will


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