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Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


close it looks like we will see some rain at last. It's been an


interesting today a bitterly cold in Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud


all day and the grey cloud gave a dusting of snow in places. This is a


lovely picture sent in from Sutton Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of


Scotland it's been a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and temperatures,


13 degrees compared with -2 under the cloud in East Anglia. Those


temperatures are already down to -3 or minus four. It's bitter out


there, when you add on the wind-chill, quite a severe frost in


places. Eluding the frost in the south and west because we have more


cloud and wind here. But for many others, another frosty night,


another hard frost particularly in the countryside and with the


potential especially in eastern areas for some rain to fall onto the


frozen services, it could be quite treacherous first thing Friday


morning in some areas. If that weren't enough, there will be Sam


Hill fog around, freezing fog, which will enhance the ice risk as well.


Not a great start of the morning. There could be rain on the frozen


surfaces, even some snow initially. Further north, patchy hill fog and


blue skies to enjoy across Scotland but the subtle differences through


Friday, we are losing the bitterly cold south-easterly, picking up more


from the Bay of Biscay, a southerly wind, so things will start to change


through the course of Friday. The cloud will come and go. We'll see


some showers coming in from the south and west as the day goes on, a


two pronged attack. Here's where we are likely to see the thicker cloud,


some winteriness over the hills, and some rain, and it stays cold in the


east. Temperatures are recovering, not as cold as today. The showery


band starts to clear away on Saturday morning, quite an icy start


in Western Isles -- western areas, Northern Ireland for example.


Temperatures are better, still cold enough for winteriness on the hills.


The big question this weekend as the weather system here. Yesterday, it


was much further south. The computer models are taking it further north


now. Clearly there is some uncertainty, the jury is out, but


we'll firm up the details all the time. It looks set to come across


parts of England, Wales and parts of Northern Ireland, so the drier


weather is further north. We will


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