27/01/2017 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Not many would argue that January hasn't been dry, but


today, many of us had our first significant rain for some time,


because the transition is on from cold, Continental dry air to milder


Atlantic air, but the transition is a slow one. So we have had ice


today, and freezing fog, in northern England. We had a little sunshine as


well in Norfolk, but we still have the cold air around and about in the


north. All this rain you can see, which is giving is a wet day in some


areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has fallen, as it comes north there


could be some winter it issues. Snow already falling over Scotland,


possibly over northern England, possibly some sleet over lower areas


and fog. Not particularly nice, and some icy conditions to contend with


late in the night across Northern Ireland, as the rain clears away.


Again, a word of warning there could be some ice around in the morning if


you are heading out, in fact this evening and overnight. It's a great


start to Saturday. Quite a lot of cloud and rain. Heavy for a time,


still some winteriness in the north. A gradual brightening up from the


West through the afternoon. Not without more showers, so it's more


unsettled picture. Those showers could be heavy with hail and


thunder. There could be good spells of sunshine in between. Not


exactly one, 7-8. A gradual warming trend. Quite great and damp in


eastern areas, the main rain clearing but drizzling is around.


Winteriness in the hills. The rain hanging on in the north and wintry


showers following on. Tomorrow night we could have some freezing fog, and


ice on Sunday. That's the morning. The big question is the rainfall to


the south. The computer models have been fairly consistent, indicating a


mostly dry day for sunshine -- Friday for Scotland with ice and fog


in the morning, Northern Ireland will the wet and windy weather, that


rain will creak eastwards through the day. A lot of cloud arriving


across many parts of England and Wales as we go through the day. Some


heavy bursts and strong winds to go with it as well. Still a little


uncertainty, do stay chewed to the forecast if you have plans. Come


Monday, will the weather system moving away and then


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