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cloudy and Ben Rich will take you through the bigger picture.


Good evening. Over the next few days I suspect it's going to feel like we


have been plunged into the deep freeze. Cold weather on the way and


not necessarily crisp cold weather, with blue skies. A lot of cloud,


there was some sunshine today across parts of west Wales, for instance.


That lifted temperatures up to 11. But further east as you can see from


the picture, there was a lot of cloud feeding in and that pegged


temperatures down into single figures, because there is


increasingly cold air heading in this direction on a cold and fairly


strong wind. Tonight that wind will continue to deliver wintry showers,


particularly close to the east coast, a mixture of rain and sleet


along the coast. Inland some snowfall and wherever you are it's a


cold night with temperatures around freezing. Tomorrow we have the cold


wind. Still wintry showers down the east coast. Generally a lot of cloud


but out west there will be some sunshine, wherever you are it's


going to feel cold. We will see heavy showers across the northern


Isles tomorrow afternoon. And across mainland Scotland down the east


coast we will see showers continuing. A mixture of rain and


sleet but inland we will see another couple of centimetres of snow, maybe


over higher ground in north-east England and rain, sleet and snow in


the showers across the south-east but temperatures just two or three


and despite more brightness and sunshine out west, even here it's


going to be a cold feeling day. Through tomorrow night and into


Friday more of the same. We keep the wind and showers down the east


coast. The increasing chance these will fall as snow as they move


further inland. There could be a snow flurry just about anywhere on


Friday. Best of the brightness in the west. But Friday will be a


particularly cold day, three, four, five at best. Then into the weekend,


high pressure still in place across Scandinavia continuing to bring us


this wind and snow showers. Could be snow even at low lechls. We keep a


lot of cloud: By the end of the weekend a chance that temperatures


in the south might begin to move upwards because of a subtle shift in


the wind direction, more of a South Easterly wind. That might bring


something less cold for


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