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will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven Celsius.


At this time of year we can often get the weather stories that reflect


the battle between winter and spring, and that's what's been


happening in New York in the USA. Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today,


it's been bitterly cold, just a daytime maximum of -2, a significant


wind-chill and some significant snow falling as we speak. This was Times


Square earlier today. For others, it's been a pretty cold day. Not


quite as cold, but nevertheless a lot of low cloud lifting in off the


North Sea and two bridges have struggled. That will continue into


the weekend. -- temperatures have struggled. The easterly breezes


driving in showers. They will turn increasingly wintry as they turn


inland. Ice could be an issue on untreated roads and pavements


tomorrow morning. Temperatures falling below freezing in more rural


spots. We will start off on the cold, cloudy, great note for money.


The breeze driving in a few more showers and continuing through the


day. Sticking out of the West, for example Cornwall and Pembrokeshire,


you might see a bit of sunshine but still pretty cold. Across the East


Anglia coastline, up into Lincolnshire, still the risk of


showers and temperatures 1-2dC at the best. We might see a little more


sunshine across the lake district, through to Northern Ireland and up


into parts of western Scotland. All the time into the north-east, snow


showers are likely to be an issue. With the clear skies by day that


could lead to a significant cold night across the far north of


Scotland, -10 is quite likely. At the same time this little fellow


here will enhance the showers towards the end of the night and


into Saturday morning. We could see 2-3 centimetres to higher ground and


a significant dusting at lower levels for a time. Don't get too


excited about it! The snow will turn back to rain as we get through the


day. It will turn pretty cold, with the best of the sunshine in the


north and west. No significant change for Sunday. It stays cloudy


and cold and breezy but the potential for a significant change


may be into the story as we weave into next week. The high pressure


that has been driving the story drifts down towards the Alps,


keeping a low-pressures out of the Atlantic, but we drag in a south


easterly flow. That means perhaps something


Before I met you, I was a civilised woman.


Now I don't even know what that means.


Would the defendant please stand? What have I done?


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Have you heard where they found her? No. Have you?


Tell her she owes you the truth as a mate.


'You haven't lost you faith in people...have you?'