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exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there could be


a bit of snow, but not accumulating. Another cold


However I paint this weekend's picture, I'll need a palette of


grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud around but I managed to find some


sunshine. I don't know how but there was a couple of hours towards the


south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful day. The south-west saw glimpses of


sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold and grey with winds off the North


seep and a scattering of wintry showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a


dusting at lower levels through the day. It brought this beautiful


picture on the outskirts of Aberdeenshire. But enough of the


sun, let's get back to the nitty gritty and talk about the snow


showers that will continue across the eastern half of the UK


throughout the night. There will be some significant accumulations


higher ground. A dusting at lower levels, and it will 's be cold


further north and west, particularly in sheltered Highlands of Scotland,


temperatures well below freezing. Here you could start off with


sunshine but again at 9.00 on Saturday we'll have snow showers


across Aberdeenshire. Stretching to north-east England. But perhaps


first thing, we'll continue with snow at lower levels. A cold start


to the day with rain across the east coasts here answer only around one


or two degrees at 9.00am. The difference with Saturday, strong


winds, gales locally into the far north-east but they are likely to


drive the showers further west on Saturday, into North Wales, maybe as


far south as Cardiff for the rugby at the Millennium Stadium. It'll


feel cold and grey. Perhaps the best of any brightness up into the far


north but temperatures struggling. As we move through Saturday night


noop Sunday, another spell of snow across the Pennines and into the


Peak District but that snow will ease and it'll turn more to rain


through the day on Sunday. A cold, windy day for many. A lot of cloud


around and particularly under that damp, showery weather, but again,


the best of any drier weather, perhaps reserved for the extreme


north-west. Four to six the high. There is a glimpse perhaps as we


move into Monday and Tuesday of something starting to change.


Somewhat drier air breaking the cloud up across England and Wales on


monds and that means, as we move through the week, there are


indications that we lose that cold weather. The milder air looks likely


to push up from the south. And so, towards


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