13/02/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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at the weekend it will be mild. Largely dry, perhaps a wind -- windy


at Winter is not over, but it almost


felt like spring today. A beautiful day in some places, such as the West


Country. Some beautiful shots. A nice day in comparison to the


weekend for many, but not for all of us. Across the far north-east of


England and eastern Scotland, you are still shivering under the cloud.


Still some snow on the ground in Aberdeenshire. Even here, things


will turn milder. Not tonight, quite chilly out there, with temperatures


close to freezing in one or two spots. Some rain will turn up across


the far south-west, where it will be relatively mild. Elsewhere, a cold


start to choose the morning. The far South West of England will have some


sharp bursts of rain early in the morning. Sunshine across the


south-east and East Anglia, parts of the Midlands. More clout in the


North of England and eastern Scotland. The West shouldn't be too


bad. -- more cloud. That patchy rain across the South West will never


amount to a great deal. It will head north, so some rain in parts of


Wales, eventually knocking on the door of Northern Ireland. It will


brighten up later. It will be relatively mild in the south-west,


up into double figures. More chilly in the north. Temperatures are


slowly heading in the right direction. A complicated weather


chart in the middle of the week, this feature coming in from the


south, bringing rain. Getting details won't be easy, so the


position of the blobs of blue should not be taken too literally.


Temperatures are slowly rising, double figures across many central


and southern parts of the UK. On Thursday, most of the wind and rain


will be across northern areas. Further south, things are settling


down, the wind stunning light, and it will be mild. With light winds,


there I've got enemies in


Bourton-on-the-Water. reaching over, jabbing the screen,


"Mel C, Mel C," "Which of the following


is NOT a Spice Girl?"


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