16/02/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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of 11. Not too bad for the forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller with a resume of the National weather picture.


Hello, rain for some of us today although it won't make much of a


dent in the dry winter so far across much of the UK. A few threatening


clouds in Cumbria but more than a threat of rain across the pond for


Friday. The wettest weather system of the season is over heading into


California, and there have been a few, with copious amounts of rain


and lots of mountain snow. Record-breaking wet winter so far in


parts of California. In Los Angeles this might be conservative, 50-100


millimetres of rain in a short space of time. A deluge on the way. This


has made a bit of a dent in the drought in California though it is


still there in some parts. Our rain isn't in that league, but where it


all the same in south-east England, the Midlands, Wales, north-west


England and Northern Ireland but increasingly light and patchy


overnight. South-west England, some fog patches coming and going.


North-east England and Scotland with clearer skies and some fog patches


here as well. Also a touch of frost around. They're in mind to buy in


Scotland, these fog patches could be on the dense side. There could be


some fog patches in the central belt as well. North-west England, quite


dampened Risley, maybe a few spots and Northern Ireland, and through


this thick clouds on from the Midlands into south-east England, a


few fog patches into south-west England and lighter winds for


Friday. That's most noticeable in the northern half of the UK where it


was quite blustery today. It's one of those days where if you start


with sunshine, it would tend to cloud over. If you start with thick


cloud it may start to brighten up a bit. A lot of dry weather around the


western parts of the UK, as a weather front approaches, some


scattered outbreaks of rain moving in later in the day. Around 9-11dC


in those light winds. A risk of a few fog patches developing in


south-west England on Saturday. This weather front giving some outbreaks


of rain in the West but more specifically in western Scotland on


Saturday. A stronger wind in the northern half of the UK on Saturday.


Some rain trying to move south, towards the hills of north-west


England and Wales. North of that it will be mainly dry. On Sunday, more


breezy across the board. Still wet towards the hills of north-west


Scotland. A lot of cloud in the West, some brighter breaks in the


east and it smiled. On Monday some places may get


From this point, it's band versus band.