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weekend and into next week, it will be much milder. I will leave you


with Thomas Shelter. be much milder. I will leave you


with Thomas Shelter. Good evening. It was quite a day for


some of us. We get these sort of storms every couple of years also.


Difficult to give an exact number, but it was certainly a nasty one.


It's now moving into Holland, Germany, south of Denmark, and it


continues to blow itself out. The winds around coasts were not


particularly spectacular, but the inland winds were unusual, 62 mph in


London. A trail of damage across the UK with trees falling down, mainly


trees, but also other spectacular pictures, frightening but


spectacular. That East Sussex with crashing waves. And another amazing


picture from Durham, with the north-east feeling the effects. In


some picture postcard scenes in Scotland. There were two elements to


this storm, snow in the north and also the winds. Let's see what we've


got tonight. Some icy patches developing in areas. These guys have


played and the wind has died down and temperatures will dip away to


freezing across parts of Scotland. -- the skies have cleared. A nice


start, quite crisp in some areas, and the wind is light, the sun is


out, so overall a beautiful start to the day for most of us. It will be


colder in northern areas, northern England, Scotland and Northern


Ireland, with some frost and one or two wintry showers. On balance,


we'll take anything after that stormy day. And then Friday itself,


I think, it's looking a bit jerky, but he is a look at Friday


afternoon. The rain is getting into western parts of the UK, so perhaps


going downhill, but for most of us the weather is going to stay dry. On


Saturday, quite a few isobars around. It's not completely calming


down in the wake of Storm Doris. We will see spells of rain and wind,


but this time on Saturday it will just be regular winds around the


coasts and rain. At the rain will be heavy, and quite a lot to come this


weekend across some of these particularly Northwestern and


western areas, especially the north-west, western Scotland. The


further east and south you So, like, you get sponsored to swap


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OK, I don't get that. So, maybe... I don't get that.


..you wear your mother's clothes? I don't get it. What does she wear?


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