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to rise into the weekend. We'll see 22 Celsius on Sunday.


Hello. There was some warm sunshine around today, but it's set to get


even warmer this weekend. 18 Celsius in London this afternoon. This was


the scene in Chiswick, much quieter than it was on Sunday for the boat


race. Under the cloud for example here in Cumbria, temperatures


struggled to make double figures. Through the night we're going to


hang onto a lot of cloud across north-west England, North Wales,


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, where there will be a bit


of drizzle on the breeze. Zero skies across many southern and eastern


parts of England, together with eastern Scotland and in the


countryside again, temperatures won't be far away from freezing.


Just briefly, at the end of the night, because it will warm up in


the sunshine. That's why we have the best of the early sunshine. The


cloud will break up across Wales, the Midlands and North West England.


We may hang onto more cloud in Northern Ireland and western


Scotland will stop with sunshine and light winds, temperatures will be in


the mid-teens. Pollen levels will be high across most of England and


Wales. Its flowering birch at this time of year that the culprit.


There's more sunshine on offer over the weekend, also pushing the sunny


skies across Northern Ireland and into Scotland away from the far


north. Temperatures for many others continuing to rise. We won't be far


away from 20 Celsius and for the Grand National, a super day, clear


blue skies, not a sniff of rain around Liverpool. As we've seen all


week, with high pressure in charge. That will sneak away into the near


continent on Sunday. Two things happen. A weather front spoils


things in the north-west. At the same time we have a southerly


airflow drawing in warmer air from a near continent, drier air. That


means more sunshine, particularly for England and Wales, perhaps East


of Scotland for a while. Some cloud will wander into western irony is


off the Irish Sea and it will be more cloudy for Northern Ireland and


western Scotland. It's not warm everywhere. The highest temperatures


will be for East Wales, Central and eastern England, where we could see


numbers as high as 23 Celsius. This warmth probably won't last be on


Sunday. That weather front in the north-west moves south. Little or no


rain again. We change the wind direction to more of a northerly and


that will introduce cooler air on Monday. In some places temperatures


could be 7-8 degrees lower than Monday. We are heading into the


Easter weekend, you can find details about that online.


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