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weekend and we could see the low 20s by Sunday. Here is Darren with the


national weather. Hello. The weather has been a big


news in North America across the Masters in Augusta, for the first


time the par-3 competition was abandoned, the storms moving away


and sunshine windy for a while. Temperatures about 17, which is on a


par with what we had today in the south-east of Wales, blue skies


around here. That's from one of our weather watchers. More sunshine over


the next few days. Little or no rain once again, it's looking dry and as


we get more sunshine, especially in England and Wales this weekend, it


will be warming up. In stark contrast with what we are seeing at


the moment, dhil chilly out there where we have clearer skies across


the West Country, eastern Scotland, north-east England. It should and


dry night for most and temperatures generally about send in up tos and


cities. Tomorrow high pressure means light winds, probably in general we


will have more cloud than today. Biggest difference is we will come


across Scotland, because we have a stronger wind here, western Scotland


will see cloud and drizzle. Eastern Scotland will break up the cloud and


get some sunshine. Probably not much sunshine for Northern Ireland


through the day but some breaks and blue skies in north-east England.


Through the Midlands to East Anglia and the south-east more cloud than


today. It was very thin t will be bright and there will be sunshine at


times. Probably more sunshine across south-west England and South Wales.


Similar numbers really on Friday, if anything the cloud thinner so skies


should be brighter but again it is fine and dry. That's because we have


high pressure in charge but the position of the high will change as


we head into the weekend. This is where things really warm up. The


high pressure moves out into Europe. These weather fronts approach the


north-west. Especially during the second half of the weekend we get


more of a southerly breeze, that will draw in some very warm air and


bring more sunshine. Especially to England and Wales.


A good day on Saturday, it will be dry and fine away from the


north-west, some sunshine around, as well. Not really in the warm air


just yet but temperatures could get up to 16 or 17. It's really on


Sunday where we get bluer skies across England and Wales, sunshine


for a while for eastern Scotland. Generally coming into Scotland and


Northern Ireland there will be more cloud and this band of rain arrives


later in the day. It's not going to be warm everywhere on Sunday. The


real warmth likely to be across England and Wales where towards the


south-east of England we could see temperatures of 23.


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