14/04/2017 BBC Weather


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Good evening. I don't think everybody was a happy bunny today


with the weather. We had some rain. Some of it was on the heavy side,


particularly across northern parts of Wales. All these things are true


for the next few days. Even into next week. We are going to stay with


this chilly air coming in from the North. Vermijl they're never quite


us. -- is a mild air never quite reaches us. It's a case of cool


winds coming in from the North. Here's the extensive cloud cover we


had today. There was some sunshine but a weather front was across the


country and gave a fair bit of heavy rain across some parts of Wales. The


weather front is across the South. There is two of them. This is a


distinct feature, spots of rain on and off through this evening and


overnight. Then it's out of the way. It should dry out. There will be


showers across Scotland but plenty of clear spells. It is chilly air.


Three degrees around 5am in Aberdeen. To the south, around eight


or so. Tomorrow, overall, not a bad day. For many others it will be a


better day compared to what we had today. More happy bunnies. Some


sunshine around. Sunny spells from the morning onwards. The best


messages it's going to be a dry day across so many parts of the country,


certainly across most of Wales. Just a few showers carried in on that


chilly breeze out of the north-west. It could be quite gusty,


particularly around the north-east of England and across northern and


eastern parts of Scotland. Even gale force winds out around the coasts


for a time. The weather doesn't change an awful lot as we head into


Saturday evening. Then into Easter Day itself. I must admit for the


past few days this weather front that is crossing our country on


Easter Day has been very difficult to forecast. I think the best


message I can give you is that at some point tomorrow, I'm not sure


whether it's the morning, early afternoon or late afternoon, there


will be some rain crossing the country in the central swathes of


the UK. The far north as far south probably staying dry. That's the


none. Honest advice I can give you. Easter Monday is looking pretty


good, there might be some showers but not so bad. Talking about the


chill, Monday night into


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